Business Consulting

Here at Sales Bridge we not only understand running a business but creating a business from the ground up.

The Sales Bridge founder has experience in starting businesses and working with brands that are significant players in the U.S. market today. Sales Bridge is not a marketing company. Our goal is to create solid sales leads and to work with management and sales reps to ensure that the sales leads are not only followed through with but also are tracked in a way that can be learned from and optimized to ensure that the marketing money being used to acquire these sales leads are being used in the most effective closure rate for that industry.


Brand Management

Sales Bridge first takes your brand’s policy and interprets it in a way that is broken down into function.

All brand policies are intended to protect brand value and brand worth in the marketplace. Sales Bridge is a mediator between retailers and brands. This is imperative for the success of the brand and also for the success of the retailer. Retailers are not only essential for brand success but are also partners with brands to further sales and create brand awareness.


Marketing Services

Sales Bridge is not a marketing company; our goal is for marketing to end in a tangible lead.

We do not recommend any advertising that does not end in one of three kinds of leads. Another area of expertise for Sales Bridge is taking the first-page placement of marketing into the control of the brand. Sales Bridge understands that most products and/or services are sold through retailers and/or authorized sales authorities. The issues are that most of the time, the brand already has the placement on search engines, so the dealers and/or sales agencies are spending useless marketing dollars on getting a first-page placement.


SEO & Technology

Google SEO or search engine SEO is very simple. It provides the best answer to questions that people would normally search for online.

It is simply taking the knowledge you already have, putting it in a format that the search engines like, and presenting it on the web. We help companies like yours by establishing new systems in your daily routine that curates and utilizes unique content. This is essential for directing relevant traffic to your site.

Girl Learning Through Technology Isometric Illustration
Girl Learning Through Technology Isometric Illustration

Lead Brokering

Sales Bridge does not think of itself as just a lead broker but a lead partner.

Providing Quality and qualified leads is invaluable to any business. We understand this, which is why our programs are about more than just learning how to generate leads. We want to completely understand your business model. We do this through staying connected with your team leaders.


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