nless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the Coronavirus by now. It’s everywhere we look from our news feed to signs on restaurants, the radio, and social media. For now, it’s simply the new normal. Even many of our favorite content creators on Youtube have adjusted their videos to be more relevant to the current crisis. Although some marketers and content creators may feel stuck or maybe even irrelevant during this global outbreak, we could gain some insight into how several creators have adjusted their content to be more relevant. Here are a few examples of creators on YouTube making the best of their platform amid the current pandemic.

What Creators are Doing Differently

Youtube and TikTok are incredibly popular platforms for content creators and consumers alike. From DIY experts and artists to engineers and motivational speakers, everyone seems to be changing their angle to serve an ever-changing target audience during the 2020 outbreak. If you are a marketer or content creator yourself, these examples can serve as inspiration for how you can also change your own content to stay relevant.

The examples included in this article have been broken down into several categories including:

  • Physical Health & Cleanliness

  • Mental Health
  • Finances
  • Getting Involved
  • Entertainment

Physical Health & Cleanliness

The DIY community has blown up on YouTube with face mask tutorials for sewers and non-sewers alike. You can learn how to batch sew masks for hospitals if you’re handy with a sewing machine and want to help your local hospitals. If you’re not the sewing type and would prefer avoiding sewing your fingers together, you can turn a bandana into a face mask for you and your family instead.

With 12 million subscribers on YouTube, Blossom is another DIY channel featuring creative “cheat sheet” videos that many people can relate to. With current concerns over germs, Blossom has come out with hacks to stay clean and healthy. Cleaning hacks for your house is another popular subject. Their fun and easy-to-watch videos make you want to get cleaning, even if it’s not your favorite thing to do.

Living On a Dime grew in popularity after coming out with their easy-to-follow and budget-friendly cookbook over two decades ago. Since then, they have given out tons of tips and tricks on organization, recipes, and budgeting. Recently, they’ve made their content more relevant for their viewers. They’ve taught how to make homemade disinfecting wipes and what toilet paper alternatives to consider. They’ve also come out with more in-depth videos about saving money in a crisis, including how to pay for rent. These videos address current and ongoing concerns held by a large audience.

The minimalist phenomenon has influenced our culture by promoting cleanliness as well as mental well-being. Not everyone goes the extreme route of sitting on the floor in place of furniture or owning only one set of utensils. However, there’s something we can learn from this ongoing trend. The good habit of decluttering has been adopted by many housekeepers and homeowners. Popular techniques include the KonMari method and Swedish Death Cleaning. Content creators on Youtube such as Clean My Space are encouraging their audience to make the best use of their time being quarantined by decluttering their space when they may not have time otherwise.

Mental Health

If you’ve heard of The Office, you probably know who John Krasinski is (remember Jim and Pam?). He recently created a YouTube channel called SomeGoodNews and has already accumulated 1.48 million subscribers and 23 million views within just a few short weeks. He’s using his platform to spread good news on the Internet in a world saturated with bad news. Now is a perfect time for his channel to give encouragement and hope to millions of viewers. For example, he shares the story of people all over the world showing appreciation for healthcare workers in the #ClapForNHS global event. Although done with minimal equipment, this at-home news channel is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Tracey Marks is another creator using her expertise in psychiatry to share applicable information helping viewers manage coronavirus anxiety. Religious-affiliated creators are also answering viewers’ questions and concerns about how to respond to the hysteria. TheFuelProject or world-renowned speaker Ravi Zacharias are just a couple.


One source of all the anxiety is the sudden lack of incoming revenue that many businesses and families are facing right now. Unsurprisingly, financial gurus and advisors are giving advice on how to handle finances before and during a potential recession. For example, SeedTime Money decided to dedicate the whole month of April to do a daily live stream. The live streams feature tips and advice on the best ways to handle finances for consumers as well as self-employed business owners.

BuzzFeedVideo creates viral videos about a wide variety of topics from draw-off competitions to popular food crazes. Lately, they released a video about how people are making money during coronavirus. The unique revenue-generating methods are shared by people with more non-essential jobs like comedians, cooks, and freelancers. With a huge following of 20 million subscribers, this can potentially help others get ideas on how to bring in revenue themselves if they are financially struggling.

Getting Involved

At times like this, it’s natural to feel a little helpless. You want to use your skills and resources to help those who need it the most. Here’s how one YouTuber did just this. Destin from SmarterEveryDay came together with a team of engineers, scientists, and owners of 3D printers. They created and distributed face shields for local doctors. He encourages his viewers to rally together in their own hometown to combine their resources and serve the needs of local hospitals and healthcare workers as a team. As a creative person who claims to “explore the world using science,” he is using his platform to show others how to fight covid-19 locally.


Even content creators who serve as entertainers have changed their tune. In this video, a photo-realistic artist by the name of Marcello Barenghi shows a short time-lapse of drawing a face mask. To cope with being quarantined, an electronic music group named DROELOE released a new song called “I CAN’T WAIT”. It conveys a message about looking forward to being outside again which many people can surely relate to.

Even creators on the TikTok platform have gotten creative with their videos. The “Distance Dance” created by Charli D’Amelio has gone viral and inspired many other TikTokers to show off their moves as well. Just search for the tag #coronavirus on TikTok and you’ll see a massive collection of skits, songs, dances, and rants with over 46 billion views as of the day this blog post was written.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities on how content creators are staying relevant during the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether it’s to entertain, inform, or encourage, you can surely find inspiration on how to also stay relevant as a content creator or marketer. If you still need a little help with your marketing strategy, consider getting a free consultation with us today!