ometimes, as a graphic designer, you get idea after idea flowing through your creative brain. You can’t wait to break out the tablet or maybe your graphite pencil. You feel empowered with motivation and you could keep going for hours fueled on nothing more than caffeine and inspiration. However, for every high point, there eventually comes a low. Your creative mojo fizzles out and you’re running on fumes, desperate for another great idea to strike. These spells of creative famines sometimes go on indefinitely, which is especially a problem if you do graphic design as a profession. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Here are a few online sources to kick the right side of your brain back into gear and hopefully rekindle your love for graphic design.

1. Inspiration Grid

You need to bookmark this one in your browser. This is a fantastic resource for well-designed ads, personal or corporate branding, website layouts, and illustrations among many others. This website is a beautifully displayed showcase of designs from creative talent all around the world. This online magazine features the latest works of art that can truly spark your creativity and inspire your next project.

The Inspiration Grid Site Home Page
The Inspiration Grid Graphic Design Page

2. Threadless

Although some of the designs are a little more on the risqué side, you have to admit that these graphic tee designers come up with some pretty clever and even humorous concepts. Known mostly for their unique t-shirts, they also sell wall art, home decor, shoes, leggings, and other accessories. From the cute and adorable sloth characters to mystical watercolor animal designs, this website is bound to serve as inspiration for a graphic designer of just about any background or genre.

Threadless T-shirt Design Examples

3. Logomoose

This is one of my favorites. If you’ve come to a halt on a particular design project and you can’t figure out how to overcome this hurdle, these logo designs can be a great resource for giving you ideas on how to cleverly resolve the problem. Although logo designs aren’t everyone’s forte, they can definitely develop your problem-solving skills.

Sometimes, the more simplistic a design needs to be, the more difficult it can be to produce satisfactory results. Visually-appealing logos that successfully combine an image with a company’s service or function require precision and wit. See some of the examples shown below. The “A” in the Lamp logo serves as a letter as well as a light source. The Talk logo uses the power of negative space between two floating chat boxes to imply the letter “K.” The “HDDEN” logo cleverly implies the function and meaning of the company name by hiding a vowel.

Logomoose Logo Design Examples

It may sound overly simple but try creating a logo yourself that also conveys a dual message, even just as a personal challenge, and you’ll discover how complicated it can actually be. This brings me to the next resource listed in #4.

4. The Daily Logo Challenge

This website lets you sign up to receive a free prompt in your email every day for 50 days after signing up. This 50-day challenge stretches and strengthens your creative muscles and helps you to improve your design skills overall. Once you’re done with your daily challenge, you can show it off by tagging them on Instagram and Dribbble where you can see other designers’ unique take on the prompt. For example, the challenge for Day 1 is to design a Rocketship Logo. Optionally, you could incorporate the company name Aerolite, Axis, Comet, or Quasar. Take a look at the example below to see just a few samples.

Day 1 Logo Challenge Examples

5. Designspiration

Here is another resource filled with different genres of art ranging from 3D illustrations, typography, and architecture to photography and infographics. There is even a great section for website designs with beautiful layouts like the ones displayed below. Get a different take on how to design layouts for your own site or for clients for those of you who are web designers.

Designspiration Web Design Examples

Each page even has a nifty feature that shows you the overall color palette for each design.

Custom Letters Designspiration Aaron Pallet

Click on one image, and several more options similar to it will display below it, tempting you to keep digging further and further into that genre. Be careful with this site, as you can potentially get lost for hours just soaking in all the visual goodies.

There are a plethora of beautiful designs out there just waiting to be admired and appreciated. These resources can potentially spark an idea for your next project or for a current project that you may be stuck on. Explore different genres of art and design to gain a new perspective, even if it’s a genre that has nothing to do with your expertise. You never know what you may come across. Reference this post the next time you feel stuck or uninspired. Perhaps your next finished graphic design piece can serve as a source of inspiration for others as well.

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